Thermostat Installation

Choosing Your Thermostat

At Air-Tech, we believe you should never compromise on comfort in your own home. One of the most important aspects of maintaining that sense of comfort is achieving an ideal temperature indoors—and keeping it that way. 

Part of accomplishing the right temperature involves installing a state-of-the-art thermostat. Today’s homeowners are not hurting for lack of options when it comes to their home thermostats! Programmable thermostats allow you to choose the heating and cooling services you want, and your AC and heating system adjusts accordingly.

Higher-end models provide even more options. You can set your thermostat ahead several days, or choose a model that provides illumination for nighttime setting changes. Some even offer highly advanced digital touchscreens. Our AC / heater repair and installation experts can help you understand a whole range of options. Importantly, we can advise you as to the system most likely to suit your needs. We also carry wifi thermostats!

Your Utility Bills Should Be Comfortable Too

Another great benefit to a modern thermostat is the ability to program it based on time of day and other variables. Why pay to keep your furnace or air conditioning running at your optimal comfort level when you're not even home? New thermostats provide a variety of programmable options—some of which even sync up with your smart phone to provide remote control. 

Not sure exactly what you need? Our experts will discuss your options with you and help you find the solution that's right for you and your family.