New Home Construction

Air-Tech Approach to New Construction HVAC Installation

Building the home of your dreams is a big project and a big investment, and we want to help you get the most out it! HVAC installation in new construction homes requires strategic design and placement to make sure your system runs smoothly and efficiently. If your AC is too small, it won’t be able to keep you comfortable. If it’s too large, it’ll leave your home humid. And in either situation, you’ll be faced with unnecessarily high energy bills. Other factors, like improper ventilation, can lead to inadequate heating and cooling and temperature control challenges.

Our installers are experienced specialists in designing HVAC systems for new construction. We avoid common heating, cooling and ventilation issues by taking a smart approach to HVAC installation from the very beginning. Each system we install in new construction is custom designed to address the home’s specific needs.

With every installation, we use industry-leading compressors and air handlers that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and quiet to run.

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While a properly designed and installed HVAC system will keep your new home comfortable for years and years, you can help maintain its efficiency and extend its life with our preventative maintenance services.

Additionally, since HVAC is about so much more than heating and cooling, we happily offer a variety of indoor air quality solutions to keep your family not only comfortable, but safe and healthy as well.

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