Preventative Heating & AC Maintenance

Like any piece of technology, your furnace or air conditioner needs regular service to run at peak performance. The best way to keep your home heating and cooling system working efficiently for years to come is to schedule regular heating and AC maintenance.

Think preventative heating and AC maintenance is just an expensive money-grab? Think again. Without regular service, your heating and cooling system will fall out of calibration, be damaged by dirt and debris, and work less and less efficiently until it doesn't work at all. 

We're committed to helping you make the most of your investment. Contact us today to schedule preventative maintenance for your heating and cooling system.

What's Included

What do you get when you schedule your preventative heating and AC maintenance? Our expert technicians will provide all of the services below in a timely fashion—with absolutely no nickel-and-diming. 


We'll calibrate your heating and cooling system to ensure your home has the indoor air quality and comfort level you expect from a premium HVAC system.


Choose from a complete line of custom HEPA© certified filters in a variety of sizes and fits to ensure your home or businesses air quality is refreshing and safe.


We offer 24-hour, round-the-clock service in case of a heating or cooling disaster. Here at Air-Tech we have record response times and make sure all of our customers are protected.


As a new priority customer, you'll never receive an extra charge for extended work once a contract agreement is reached. Rest assured that the job will be completed, as agreed upon, with no surprises.


Our two year inflation protection bonus has saved our clients a lot of money. After installation the rates on your new Air-Tech Heating system will not change for the following term.


Safety is just as important as comfort. Through rigorous testing and measurements, we ensure all air flow, temperature difference, volts, and amps are up to industry standards.